Hike Messenger – What Can You Expect?

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Hiker’s Chat, otherwise known as Hiker Messenger, is an India based freeware, peer-to-peer instant messaging, voice over internet protocol (VoIP) application that was launched by Kavin Bharti Mittal in December 2020 and is owned by Hitec Private Limited. Hiker can work offline via SMS and has multiple-platform support with desktop, mobile and Internet Explorer. It also has a “Chat Now” feature that allows you to chat online without logging into the Hiker website. Read this article to know more about hike apk below.

Download Hike for PC Windows 7/8/8.1/10 Computer Laptop

Follow the steps to install hike for pc: 

  1. First of all, download and install Bluestacks on your computer. The download button is just down below.
  2. After you successfully installed Bluestacks, you have to download the Hike APK file from here.
  3. Now after successfully downloading Hike APK, you just need to open it using BlueStacks. Right-click on the file and select “Open With” to open it with Bluestacks app player.
  4. You will see a message saying “Bluestacks APK handler, installing APK
  5. Step 5: After step 3 is done, open Bluestacks and click on the Hike app icon. By following the above steps you have already downloaded Hike on your PC, now you can run it from there.

Features Hike Messenger

The basic purpose of Hiker Messenger is to give users access to a lot of features, such as chatting, messaging and sending files. You can either use it from your mobile phone or Internet browser.

  1. Hiker Messenger offers the usual features found in other instant messaging applications such as multi-line text messaging and image and video sharing.
  2. One of the most useful features of Hiker Messenger is that it allows you to “find new friends.” Once you have chosen the website you want to connect with in Hiker Messenger, you can search for people by name and email address. and will get a list of new friends.
  3. The “Hikers Chat Now” feature enables you to chat online without logging into the Hiker website. It also has a “Find Friends” feature where users can search for people in their area and make friends within seconds. These features are not present in the free Hiker Messenger but are available in the paid version.
  4. Hiker Messenger also supports different languages and dialects, including: Tamil, Telugu, Punjabi, Hindi, Urdu, Bengali and Marathi. You can also download the Hindi language version of Hiker Messenger and send texts and files in Hindi.
  5. 5000+ Stickers are available on Hike.
  6. Hike also provides pretty good privacy settings to the users.
  7. Using the Hike offline feature, the users get the messages even when they are Offline.
  8. You can send 100 MB files at a time and uncompressed images with original resolutions.
  9. In Hiker Messenger, you can send and receive messages from any website where you can read news, browse through pictures, videos and news on hiking. You can also share pictures on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

What More You Need To Know

Hiking is considered to be an activity that is enjoyed by many and if you too want to enjoy your hike then you can try Hiker Messenger. However, before you start, make sure you download the Hiker App and set a default user name and password for your account.

There are different options available when you use Hiker Messenger. You can either create a new profile, view existing profiles, send and receive messages or search for a friend in the Hiker chat. If you are a beginner and haven’t taken up hiking before, then the most convenient option is to create a profile.

Easy To Navigate

The Hiker Messenger is also very easy to navigate and makes use of the Internet Explorer browser to send messages and files. Once you have chosen a message or file to send to a friend, you can choose which website to send it to and a message will automatically be sent to the recipient’s email address.


As mentioned above, you need to download Hiker Messenger and set a default user name and password to access the messaging features. It will save you the trouble of creating a new user account every time you need to create new messages or file.The Hiker Messenger allows you to browse through various maps in the internet. If you are new to hiking trails, you can easily choose from the top hiking sites in the Google Maps.

Find friends that live near your location and exchange links and photos. You can also connect with hikers who live in the same state, city or country. With Hiker Messenger, you can share your personal experiences on hiking and get updates about local events. This is a great way to get new friends.

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